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Specialist (Prod. Planning - Tools & System)

Johor, MY, 81600

Production Planning

Job Purpose

Undertake the Specialist role of feedstock quality for refinery and lead a team crude evaluator in analyzing incoming feedstock quality to PRefChem. Focal person for PRefChem related to feedstock for medium- and long-term solution in supporting PRefChem overall business strategy.


Key Accountabilities

  1. Managing the Crude Assay Manager Simulation tools (SPIRAL Crude Assay / HCAMS) i.e model maintenance for refinery by keeping abreast with forefront technology, conducting evaluations on latest available tools.
  2. Provide recommendation for business use in ensuring robust and up-to-date tools within the organization to support future growth.
  3. Develop LP Vectors for new crude for Optimization Tools used by refinery.
  4. Work closely with process technologist in ensuring tuned model for relates process unit involved.
  5. Perform Linear Programming (LP) run in Single Period Multi-Plant and Multi-Period Multi-Plant environment using AspenTech’s Process Industry Modeling System (PIMS) application.
  6. Generate, analyze and review LP results reports using the built-in report capability as well as customized report functions.
  7. Focal for development of PRefChem Complex Feedstock Database.
  8. Work closely with related Laboratory personal in validating existing and future feedstock quality for refinery / petrochemical.
  9. Ensuring most up to date quality to mimic feedstock behavior.
  10. Perform alternative feedstock evaluation for refinery.
  11. Track quality and processing experience for feedstock purchase.
  12. Provide continuous engagements with feedstock evaluators and LP Runners. Enhancing staff capability via constant coaching activity.
  13. Perform troubleshooting related to feedstock quality related to PRefChem. Challenging plant constraints for higher ratio of opportunity crude and evaluating external feedstock for Secondary Unit processing.
  14. Lead and drive the capability building around the application of Crude Assay Manager through process troubleshooting, structured and periodic training and coaching to develop a highly competent Feedstock evaluator. Work process development on Feedstock Evaluation.
  15. Foster and sustain effective working relationships and rapport with the government authorities, business and management institutions, national and key industry players and service providers to keep abreast with latest development to capture new business opportunities within Oil and Gas industries.
  16. Develop and implement distinctive mindset, behavior and culture to achieve high work performance by adoption and implementation of value interventions, tools and methodologies to promote and instill high sense of commitment, ownership, integrity and loyalty that will contribute to operational excellence.


Qualification & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering or any related engineering / science field with several years of refinery experience.
  • Minimum 5 years in Plant Operation in Refinery, Steam Cracker and/or Petrochemical.
  • 10 years’ experience in Production Planning function with skills in simulation tools i.e any Crude Assay Manager / Crude Cutter i.e HCAMS/SPIRAL Crude modeling for feedstock troubleshooting activity
  • Skills crudes / products technical and quality analysis, especially in crude assay generation for LP input data with knowledge of Crude Assay Management system tools.
  • Knowledge of refining / petrochemical processes and operations for topping, hydroskimming and conversion process units:  example CDU / ARDS /  Reformer / Hydrocracker / RFCC / BTX / Coker / Isomerisation /  Lube / SCC / Utilities.
  • A good understanding of the shareholder agreements such as feedstock and product supply agreement.
  • Ability to develop training program, learning materials and deliberate training on Crude/products quality, Refinery processes and understanding process unit calibration activity.